Distance Learning

30th March - 3rd April

I am still waiting on quite a few students to make contact with me through Google Classroom. If you are having difficulties email me at aine.flanagan@stoliversprimary.ie. Don't use the Let's Chat at the bottom of this page. 


Here's an update on work to be completed this week: 

M: MYM Week 28 Mon - Thurs
M: MYM Test 22 Fri
G: LSB Mon & Wed Read pages 45, 46. Listen in to cjfallon.ie to hear pronunciations
G: LSB Tues & Thurs answer questions in copy.
E: UDW Unit 32 Unready. Read and complete Purple, Red and Blue box.





Okay so this assignment is to try this workout with The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. This is a PE lesson. Here's the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8. Before you start you need to be wearing comfortable clothing something like a tracksuit and runners and don't forget a drink.

Best of luck. Get anyone that is at home to join you. Let me know if you enjoyed it!

I'm off to do this with Oliver and Tadhg.



Dia Daoibh!

Hope you all had a nice weekend and kept safe.

I won't write 'as gaeilge' to give the instructions for today's lesson.

To start I would like you to practice some of your Gaeilge like we usually do.

1. Count in 10s from 10 - 100
2. Count people 1 - 10
3. Míonna na bliana
4. Laethanta na seachtaine
5. Describe today's weather...... Lá ______ atá ann / Tá/níl sé ___________.

Attached is a Clár Ama (TV Schedule). Revise the following comhrá (conversation) also attached we did earlier in the school year. Maybe practice with a parent/brother/sister at home.

Answer the questions using full sentences. Remember how we structure a sentence as gaeilge; Verb/Person or Thing/What/When.

An bhíonn? becomes Bíonn/Ní bhíonn
An raibh? becomes Bhí/Ni raibh
An bhfuil? becomes Tá/Níl

You can either print off the sheets if you have a printer or you can just answer the questions in Word. Don't worry about fadas but if you would like to add when type press Alt Gr and then letter with the fada.

To help you out a little here is the answer to question 1.
1. Bíonn (Verb) Goldilocks the Movie (Thing) ar siúl (what) Dé Sathairn (when).
The last question is asking you to list the programmes for each category ie. cartún = Peppa Pig, ......

Slán agus beannacht!




Hi guys,

I'd like you to watch the video attached it's called A Cloudy Lesson.


The video shows a cloud maker and his apprentice grandson busy making clouds but everything doesn't happen as it should. As things don't go according to plan, the pair of them learn that good ideas come from happy accidents.

Your assignment is to write the dialogue (what is being said) between the cloud maker and his grandson.

You can choose to do this in two ways.

You could write it as a little story with dialogue. Don't forget to include speech marks. You could use this line to start you off.

One cloudy day, high up in the sky a Cloud maker was teaching his grandson how to make clouds.


You can choose to write it like this;

"Would you like to learn how to make clouds ", the Cloudmaker asked his grandson.
"Yes please, Granddad!", exclaimed his grandson.

Today's learning objective is to use speech marks correctly.

Remember when to use speech marks.
1. Direct Speech. This means when someone is talking.
2. Speech marks are found around what is being said.
3. Include question marks, exclamation marks inside your speech marks.
4. When someone new is speaking, start a new line.

You can present your work as you like. You could type it in Word or write it out on paper and take a picture. I look forward to reading your work! Good luck.
Any questions, don't be afraid to ask.


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